Apr 13, 2014

April in Denver

I always thought it was April showers brings May flowers, but in Denver it's April snow brings May flowers! As we waited for our flight crew to arrive, we were treated to a nice storm and an inch of accumulated snow.
Sure left me feeling a bit chilled since I had no coat or even a sweater! Denver was only a stop over between to two points where Mother Nature proudly had the sun shining and temperatures in the 70s (F). But if the flight crew didn’t arrive soon, we just might be stuck in the chilly spot.

Delayed for an hour, our flight crew finally arrived, and we were able to make it out and to the Golden State.

Thankfully, I made all my connections and happily landed 30 minutes to midnight in my beloved, little local airport, where the night-time temperature was a nippy 65 degrees (F). But had I been stuck in Denver, I would have been up a shivering creek.

Did I learn anything from this? Yep! Always, and I mean ALWAYS bring a sweater.

BTW, did you know that most air carriers do not count a jacket or sweater as one of the two carry-on items? It is considered as part of the clothing on your back. Be prepared to don it when boarding a full flight however. Also, if you do not have room to stow your jacket or sweater under the seat in front of you, DO NOT PUT IT IN THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT. Trust me, it will be safer and more likely to survive with out any rips or tears if you sit on it as if it were a pillow. Roll it up and use it for lumbar support if you are stuck in an uncomfortable economy seat. They also make excellent lap blanks for when your seat neighbor turns their vent in your direction.