Sep 11, 2014

Stuck in the middle of nowhere

You’ve heard this a thousand times before. "I was stuck in the middle of nowhere.” But I actually got stuck there!

Driving across the United States is nothing foreign to me, I’ve experienced flat tires, bad shocks, snow and ice storms, driving rain and sleeping at truck stops. However, I’ve never lost the tread on my tire before. I’ve seen semi-trucks shed treads often. You see them on the side of the road and occasionally have to practice your obstacle course driving to miss one in the middle of the road. Somewhere on Interstate 40 in New Mexico, I lost the tread on a rear tire. Amazingly, I just pulled off onto the shoulder and remained calm. I had to sigh, because I had had a flat the night before and removed that tire and placed my full-sized spare in it's place. That left me with nothing but a poor cell signal and the hopes that the Automobile Club could hear me through the static. A tow truck was dispatched, but I had to wait a warm hour and a half.
What does one do in the middle of nowhere while waiting for a tow truck?
Count cars? Trucks? Campers? Too boring!
You break out your iPhone and take photos :)
And that is what I did. Mishaps are only mishaps if you let them be. This one was a photo opp for me.