Jan 8, 2012

On my way!

Have arrived in LA and now await the long flight across the pond. I'm proud to say I successfully awed the TSA folks with my packing abilities. My shoulder bag was pulled for additional security search and it was like a magician's hat as things kept coming out. They were very amazed at my ability to put it back to rights and in under three minutes.
I was a bit upset that my Premier Boarding didn't make it onto my boarding passes. I have ticket agents at both SM and LA try to get it to print on the ticket. I was smart and kept my receipt and showed it to Shane at the counter. He gave up trying to get the system to print it so he did it himself. My boarding pass now says "1 per Shane." I feel special now!
Now for the hope that no crying child is sitting anywhere near me. I plan to sleep. Well, after they serve me dinner!


  1. Wish you a super great time!!! Tally Ho! Pass the crumpets!