Jan 10, 2012

Read and imbibe

Would you call this a bar or a library?

Actually it's both! Since I have to wait for the Cabana Boy to arrive, I thought I could at least partake in some refreshment in this literary spot. If I have to hold back on sightseeing until he arrives, I might as well do it in style. Right?

So here I sit with my Kindle in this room of old world tomes and a Magners and a plate of nachos. Only this plate of nachos isn't exactly what was envisioned by its TexMex creators.

Nachos are corn tortilla chips topped with salsa, melted cheddar cheese and jalapeƱo peppers. Mmm mmm mmm and an easy snack that any kid armed with a microwave can make. Hey, minus the microwave, just shred the cheese! Even those from the east coast of the US know how to make them. Okay, they generally use super mild salsa and skip the jalapeƱos, but we can't help their sensitive pallets.

But here in London, well in this establishment anyway, they managed to get the corn tortilla chips but that's about it. Okay, there is something that resembles salsa, but ketchup is definitely spicer. And this "salsa" wasn't served atop the chips but in a small dip bowl. I also got two more dip bowls filled with ... Can you guess? No. Not cheese. Ranch dressing. There's no cheese in sight! Interesting.

So, I polished off the chips and dip and am almost through with my Magners. Then I shall return to the room and try to sleep. My internal clock is bit mixed up. Hopefully the Irish cider will help my eyes close.

HURRY UP, CABANA BOY! I'm not saving you any munches! ;-)

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